Graduating Management Admission Test (GMAT) is recognized all over the world as a standard programme to get admissions in top ranked universities all over the world.Worldwide around more than 2200 schools and 6000 programs use these scores as one of the admission criterion.Apart from knowledge, GMAT checks writing and analytical skills.Its a computer adaptive test in which the computer program will adjust the difficulty of questions based on responses by the student.Like if a student answers wrongly,will receive an easier question while if a student answers correctly,he will receive a more challenging item. This innovative test technique couple with the long length of the exam makes this exam more challenging.

Understanding GMAT Score

Total GMAT scores range from 200 to 800 and it is based on Verbal and Quantitative scores only.

Sectional Scores

Verbal scores varies from - 0 to 60, scores below 9 and above 44 are very rare.

Quantitative scores varies from - 0 to 60 below 7 and above 50 for the Quantitative section are rare

Analytical Writing Assessment Score varies from - 0 to 6

Integrated Reasoning (IR) scores varies from - 1 to 8

As soon as you finish the test,you will get an unofficial scores from the Verbal,Quantitative and Integrated Reasoning Sections,along with the authentication code. The authentication code is needed to access your Official Score Report which reaches to the test taker after around 20 days of the test completion ,the official report contains includes AWA scores.

Types of batches

1 to 1 tutoring – this is a batch where there is only one student in the class

1 to 3 tutoring – this is a one to three batch

Study Centre


As soon as the student enrolls these are the steps that are followed

  • Student gives a INITIAL TEST it will be a full length test and we take down the initial score And we know the weak and strong areas of the student and we go further accordingly.
  • We give them login id and password in which we give them all the online material
  • After every topic covered in the session online question bank would be uploaded on their account of the same topic
  • We have a strong online question bank in the form of tests
  • We can easily track whether the student has given the test or not and also we can find out the scores after every class ,we make sure that the student give the test
  • And after the course completion we give them the 10 full length tests

As the GMAT exam is completely online and GRE is optional online so the student should be in a habit of reading from screen so give them the online practice.

  • Batch size would not be more than 3 we guarantee personalized attention
  • Great pool of faculty all over the world
  • Attend classes at your comfort zone
  • Classes would be recorded (if any student is not able to attend the class he/she can see the recordings later
  • Excellent online platform for teaching
  • The classes would proceed by ppt
  • Any content could be uploaded on the platform (document/ audio/ video) for better understanding of concepts

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