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India is the land of great culture, philosophies, values, principles & of infinite good things, which has helped in the development of human beings. It will be not wrong to say that India has given a lot of precious gift to this world in term of education, health, wealth, intellectual & spiritual.

It is the misfortune of the Indian that we have completely forgotten this invaluable treasure and blindly following western culture in our day to day life. On other hand western countries have understood the power of ancient Indian books, Scriptures, and practices (Yoga).

Here, we will discuss one of the most world famous practices of modern age that is “Midbrain Activation”. This process uses to activate the midbrain for the better performance, concentration and excellent output in life.

But, do you know that the root of Midbrain activation or the origin of this practice is from India. YES, IT IS.

It is the part of one of our yoga Practice, which is called NADA YOGA.


In pursuit of very best goal, parents make enormous sacrifices and go to great lengtds for their children.

NADA YOGA - The Yoga of Sound

Nada Yoga stands for "union through sound." It is the part of spirituality where sound and tone are used for inner transformation.

People use sound or music while performing Midbrain Activation or Nada Yoga.

The result of Nada yoga & Midbrain activation music is similar.

  • Both help you in the clam and relaxing your mind, body and soul.
  • Both the practices enhance your subconscious mind.
  • Both Practices improves your concentration levels.
  • Both help in increasing one's thinking capacity.
  • Both help in developing an atmosphere of joy, happiness, and harmony
  • Both help in reducing anxiety, fear, and aggressiveness

Actually, NADA Yoga is known as MIDBRAIN ACTIVATION Exercise.

What is midbrain?

You all have heard a lot about the right and the left brain hemisphere. Midbrain is the topic that has been neglected or overlooked by medical science. Now, the time has come up to learn about it. Scientifically, the term Mesencephalon is used for Midbrain. It is situated between the left and right brains, acts like a communication bridge of these two brains. It balances the usage of the right and left brain. Therefore, midbrain should be fully activated and functional only then the both sides of the brain communicate effectively. It is a key of subconscious mind, improves learning efficiency and maximizes the ability of the brain. The midbrain activation provides you with an extraordinary memory, great potential, improve attention, critical thinking skills and creativity.

What is the Midbrain activation training adaptation age?

A Mid brain activation training can be starts at the early age of 4 to 13 and thereafter 13-18 years. Children below 3 years have a number of neurons almost double than adult brain. These are complex connection of brain cells. The brain itself does automatic scan between the ages of 3 if the functions are on use, they are preserved. Neurons which are not using cut off by the brain. After training it has chance to regenerate them. During the age of 13, the brain does another scan and cut off the unused neurons. After that recovery of cells is difficult. So, experts suggest you to train the brain before the age of 13.

Why is it necessary to train the brain?

Your brain also needs exercise to stay fit. You have spent lots of time in the gym to keep the body fit. Likewise, you need exercise for your brain to sharpen the memory, develop creativity, attention and many more positive features. Your brain is like a muscle; the more you use it, the sharper it will be. That is why Midbrain training is recommended.

What is the growth of the brain?

Earlier, human beings used the right brain more than the left. They had developed a strong sense of sensory and telepathy. They had ability to predict natural disasters and comparing between toxic and non-toxic food. It was all possible because of the use of right brain, intuition and memory. Today's people are using the left brain much more than the right brain. They have limited themselves to traditional education. It is why they are losing their 5 senses.

Brain controls the body

It is our brain that controls the body movements, smell, hearing and visuals. The brain gives permission to the body for how to react in the given situation. Both the right and left brains controls the activities of your body.

What is the Key Function of Active Midbrain?

An active Midbrain works as a bridge between the left and the right brains. It works as fast as the broadband. The midbrain activation secret is revealed now. A child with an active midbrain learns quickly and absorbs from surroundings effectively.

It keeps both the left and the right brains functional. The left brain functions to think logically, judgement ability, language, control of knowledge and senses related to IQ.

What is ADHD? Why is the Case of ADHD increasing?

It stands for attention deficit disorder. Today's environment is not peaceful. There are many visible and invisible contaminations that contribute lack of attention among children. Wireless network radiation and electronic devices with electromagnetic waves affecting the brain and organs. Junk food is causing bad impact on health. Many children playing with computer games have been observed with lack of concentrate during studies. The environment around us is playing a big role in diagnosing more and more children with ADHD.

How does Midbrain Activation Program bring improvement in ADHD?

The brain of human beings has more than 100 billion cells. Using maximum brain keeps many neurons alive and makes you outstanding from others. Midbrain activation academy trains you how to use your brain more and more. The brain training helps to improve the body's motor coordination. Multiple activities like playing football, dancing and balance training are improved by the training. Child can also learn to play musical instrument that controls brain and enhances coordination. This is the way of how to activate Midbrain?

Does a medically fit child need Midbrain Training?

Today's environment is highly competitive. Each child has different intensity of brain waves and brain power, even twins have. Through the midbrain activation academy training, a child will be able to build and enhance brain power on their basis like memory, concentration, creativity etc…

How long the Midbrain Activation course will last?

It depends on person to person because each people is of different age group, has different ability to focus and memory. The time duration they pay everyday to practice the course curriculum and how much cooperation they are getting.

Basic Course Duration: Two Day

Advance Course: One Day

iMentor's Midbrain Activation Franchise

Join hands with iMentors to help your country's children recognizing their hidden potential. We have over 29 years of experience in providing Midbrain Activation Training Programs for career counselling to children and adults. Our Midbrain Activation Franchise business is for all young aspirants who are ready to train children for tomorrow's challenges. . We are one of the most reputed midbrain activation Delhi providers.

The midbrain activation India is one of our ambitious projects. We are looking forward to associate with young, diligent and enthusiastic people who want to give bright future to the next generation. We are active in offering midbrain activation Delhi franchisee as well as all across the country. For franchise:

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What is the course of study or what is a midbrain activation workshop teach you?

At iMentors, we cover the entire subject matters that make midbrain active.

Our Midbrain activation workshop offers:

  • Fun activities
  • Eyeball exercise
  • Brain exercise
  • Audiovisual stimulation
  • Photographic memory training
  • Blindfold activities
  • Concentration training
  • Finger exercises
  • Breathing techniques

Once the full cycle is complete students will be capable enough in using their brains more to develop full learning potential.

What is Midbrain Activation for adults?

iMentors involves in midbrain training for not only children but also adults. Here we engage the subconscious mind in a full state of awareness. The workshop is organized to train you with the ability to engage and interact with subconscious. The holistic approach includes bio-electromagnetic and the brain-wave oriented techniques. Sensing own and other people's body energies, mental virtualization and telepathy, alpha concentration and several other important exercises covered in midbrain activation training for adults.

Midbrain Activation Course Benefits

  • Improved memory power
  • Capability to maintain balance between the right and left brain functions (EQ & IQ)
  • Self –confidence and focused mind
  • Enhanced creativity, imagination & articulate thinking style
  • Stress management, emotional stability & metaphorical thinking
  • Self-motivation technique
  • Capable to use brain more and more