Psychometric Tests for All Young Aspirants

How many of you have ever judged your personality, talent and skills? In today’s highly competitive society, judging your self-skills and improving your analytical ability are much important. They are those things that one utilizes in their daily lives as well as workplace. Our psychometric test online will help you analyse your skills and improve your analytical ability…

What is a psychometric test?

It is a standard and scientific method to evaluate one’s mental capabilities and behavioural style. It is all about psychological measurement, focusing on abilities, attitudes, personality traits, abilities and educational achievements. Such test is not only students but also professionals & entrepreneurs. Therefore, we offer psychometric test for students, graduates, managers and leaders. We discard the thought that the test is only meant for students and graduates.

Psychometric test for Leadership: If you are in the middle of a management recruitment process you may have been invited for the test. It can be divided into two parts- aptitude and personality to assess your managerial skills. Therefore, it is also called as psychometric test for managers. For leadership, constructive thinking, ability for judgement, ability to differentiate between the right and wrong and self-skills play an important role. The psychometric test helps develop the power.

Management Positions

Suggested Tests

Senior Managers


Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Ability, Situational Judgement, personality

Junior Managers

Personality test, diagrammatic, interpreting data, verbal critical reasoning

Graduate Managers

Personality, numerical and verbal reasoning, situational judgement

Retail or Sales Managers

personality, verbal reasoning, situational judgement

psychometric selection process

online psychometric assessment

Psychometric test for students: Students in their learning period can prepare themselves for upcoming numerical, verbal and situational judgement tests. They nurture their skills to stay ahead and focused.


Suggested Tests


IQ Test, verbal, reasoning, personality

Higher Studies

Verbal, Critical thinking, personality, numerical, data interpretation

Psychometric test for graduates: Likewise students, graduates can refine their interpersonal skills and prepare themselves for interviews. Many organizations take aptitude test to hire the talents who have self-judging skills and have ability to think constructively.

Types of psychometric tests

It is divided into two parts—

  • Personality psychometric test
  • Aptitude test

Personality test:

Personality psychometric test is all about assessing your typical behaviour, interest, motivations and values and analysing the self-behaviour to know which role fits you well. The assessment judges your managerial skills. It is related to your emotions, relationships and behaviours in a variety of situations.

Aptitude Tests:

It focuses on assessing your cognitive or reasoning ability. The intelligence level is compared to a certain standard. Theonline psychometric assessment test includes some questions for which you must get a passing score. The common tests include:

Diagrammatic Reasoning

It is an abstract reasoning test that evaluates your ability to grab new things. Questions include a series of pictures with a slight different. Choose the right picture from the answer options to complete the picture.

Error Checking

The type of test comes in data input and clerical vacancies. It tests the ability to approach problems logically.

Numerical Reasoning

In the psychometric test sample questions and answers, candidates are evaluated for their ability of mathematics like sales analysis, ratios, percentages, trends and currency conversions.

Verbal Reasoning

The psychometric assessment questions and answers evaluate your ability to think constructively. Before giving answers of the questions, it is must to read short passages.

Situational Judgement Test

It assesses your approach for certain situations encountered in the workplace.

Benefits of Psychometric Test Preparation

  • Help you to know your skills
  • Assist you to bring improvement in personality
  • Keep you focus towards your goal
  • For employers, assist to find the right employees by judging their skills, personality and critical thinking

Exercise Your Mind with Sample Psychometric Test

We have facility of psychometric test online practice with results. The practice tests are provided to make you familiar with the typical formats that you may face during psychometric tests. It improves your speed and accuracy. It improves your performance to some degree but each employer’s test is slightly different. It is beneficial for students who are going to face competitive exams and entrepreneurs who want to check its self-skills.

So let’s get start…………….