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DMIT is the acronym of Dermatoglyaphics Multiple Intelligence Test. Dermatoglyphics is the scientific study of fingerprints. Dermatoglyphics analysis is the combination of new computer technology and science (Quantitative analysis), by scanning and comparing the fingerprint patterns, we are able to find out the inborn advantages and give suggestions according to each person's own characteristics with no bias.

The dermal ridges begin to form around the 13th week of gestation and complete development by the end of the 21st week, and then remain invariable. Each one's Dermatoglyphics pattern is unique and unalterable. Dermatoglyphics pattern has been accepted as diagnostic tool and has been extended into public research field as dominant science

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Fingerprint Analysis is the study of the pattern on fingers and hands. It is also called Dermatoglyphics. patterns are uniquely intertwined with an individual's genetic composition and central nervous system. Dermatoglyphics can reveal our intrinsic qualities and talents.

Career counselling is a process that allows you to explore,discover and connect to career or major options through collaborative one-on-one meeting with a career Devlopment specialist.These meetings will helf you clarify your career or major path,identify career goals and provide support and guidance through the career decision-making and/or job search process.A career counselor helps you find your way by providing an appropriate advice and counselling for a better career.


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