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“Your future is in your hand” the saying can be true only then you have identified your talent & potential. The iMentors’ DMIT test will let you know about your little one’s intelligence so that you can show him/her the right path.

What is DMIT?

It stands for Dermatoglyphics intelligence test which is the scientific study of ridged skin patterns found on palms, fingers, soles and toes. Scientifically it has been proven that ridged skin patterns are developed and controlled by chromosomes and influenced by polygenetic inheritance (genes).

Dermatoglyphics word is derived from ancient Greek words (Derma- skin, glyph- carving) which stand for study of fingerprints.

Dr. Harold Cummins introduced the world with DMIT first. Therefore, he is known as father of American fingerprint analysis.

Over the last few years, thousands of medical research papers have been written on the topic. Dermatoglyphics analysis has been defined more accurately by Howard Gardner. He has written “Frames of Mind” that defines dermatoglyphics test in 8 different ways. He is in the list of 100 most influential thinkers in the world.

Why DMIT Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test in India?

Often we hear the news of suicide among students that clearly indicates that our Indian children are in pressure of studies. Some are performing well and some are not. Parents put press on their children without evaluating their interest and talent. A survey in India reveals that every 4 out of 10 children suffer depression. The most significant cause is that they have chosen the field for which they are not meant for. It is not necessary that every child is born to be an engineer, doctor or an officer. There are lots more field to choose from.

Who will undergo Dermatoglyphic multiple intelligence test?

DMIT Test is available for any age group. But ideally students above 10 years can undergo the test. The test helps to evaluate, logical mathematical intelligence, visual-spatial intelligence, intra personal intelligence and many other talents of your child that you have not evaluated ever. Remember, every child is unique. Two children of a same mother have different intelligence. It may possible that one is very brilliant in studies and another is in extracurricular. Talent of a child cannot be evaluated unit you don’t know his/her strength, interest and learning behaviour.

One of the most famous ways to test intelligence of a child is an IQ test that seems inappropriate because it uses only maths, logic and language as a base to test the IQ level. It overlooks other talents like interpersonal skill, music, sport, verbal etc…

The dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence analysis can be taken right after the birth of a child because the ridge patterns start developing in the womb and are fully developed by the 4th month of pregnancy. You can able to know your child intelligence during his early stage of life. It gives you sufficient time to think and plan over his career according to his interest and level which sounds exciting.

Process of DMIT

DMIT Authentication Process

Understand how Dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence tests DMIT assist different age groups:

Toddlers & Children

Age group 1-4 to 4-12 years
  • Auditory, visual and sensory development
  • Identify the learning pattern of kids
  • Familiar parents with child’s strength and weaknesses
  • Space for future planning

Teenagers & Youngsters

Age group 13 to 25 years
  • Building future by knowing the interested subject and stream
  • Differentiate between child’s intelligence and interest
  • Knowledge of balancing the right & left brain
  • Build confidence


Age group (25+)
  • Customizing your child learning systems
  • Developing healthy relationship between parents and kids
  • Understanding of child’s nature
  • Intrinsic potential
  • Learning sensitivity
  • Verbal communication
  • Nature or inborn work behaviour
  • Preferred learning behaviour
  • Concentration
  • Planning & psychological capability
  • A step to success
  • Identification of skills
  • Self awareness
  • Build confidence
  • Help getting understanding of person’s nature
  • Keep away negative behaviour
  • Eliminate miscommunication
  • Make people responsible
  • Develop happy relationship with family

Apart from this, the DMIT test reveals the learning style of your kid. How do you inculcate learning behaviour in your child? The 3 prime learning styles are:

  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Kinaesthetic (learning through physical activities)

Role of iMentors

Our DMIT test online focuses on providing:

  • Dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence test online software service
  • Basic Software Report
  • Premium Software Report
  • Franchisee

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