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Welcome to the online & Offline academy for your school students: Your school can be a centre of learning in true manners if you believe in concept of total education. We have developed some courses and following the unique methodology to deliver it in your premises within school hour without affecting student regular study. Please refer ‘Offering Page’ to know more about our course. We provide classes only from the experts through offline and online mode. Each student will be provided with hard copy comprehensive study material, practice papers, test series and regular tests. The class timings will be as per the convenience of the school.

This is a program which will help student to achieve probably the best in everything that a student can aspire for. Best possible performance in IIT-JEE, best possible performance in board exams & developing thorough and healthy personality with all the inputs required for constant success in the world. If you are determined to leave a mark then get ready to involve with the best brains.

iMentors experts have designed a tool to measure your readiness to implement our school tutoring program in your campus. Please help us getting all the answers precisely so that we can assess the best.

  • Your school requires quality teachers for Science subject - yes / no

  • All teachers are able to cover the syllabus efficiently on time - yes / no

  • The students in a class are learning the minutes of courses - yes / no

  • You are able to measure the performance of students as well as teachers - yes / no

  • Does your school provide Engineering / Medical coaching to make the students ready to face the          challenges - yes / no

  • Does your school have teachers and study material to provide the students for Engineering & Medical          exams - yes / no

  • Are the children of your school going for engineering / medical coaching after school hours – yes / no

If you are interested in implementing iMentors in your school or want to get more information about iMentors

MAil Us

What is an integrated & the benefits this integration for students

  • A study program in the school with a synergistic approach to the Board studies as well as IIT-JEE preparation.

  • A program that ensures best teachers for IIT-JEE preparation.

  • A program for Boards as well as IIT-JEE - that will complement each other.

  • A program that will prepare students extremely well for not only IIT-JEE and board exams but for all other engineering entrance exams.

  • Students enrolling in this program will have an integrated study plan.

  • Complete technical support and equipments and other support will be provided to the schools and students.

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